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Reviews Submission Guidelines

Reviews Submission Guidelines

TJ O'Riley
Mattie Madden
Dannie Delisle
Melissa Rounds,Senior Review Editor

Reviews Submission Guidelines

What We Want

Our goal is to publish reviews of works of alternate art and entertainment, especially books, films, and nusic. A review should introduce its readers to whatever it is reviewing to give the readers some idea of whether or not to read, watch, or play it themselves. Therefore, it should not give away key elements of the plot. (In other words, no spoilers!) If you want to write in depth about works with which your readers are presumably familiar, you should consider submitting a critical article. See the article submission guidelines for more information.

We want Tangled Woods reviews to help our readers find good things and ideas that they might not otherwise have known about. We do sometimes print reviews of best-sellers and blockbuster movies, but for the most part we are interested in reviews of worthy books, films, and games that might not otherwise get the exposure they deserve. We also prefer reviews that are timely: books that have recently been released or reprinted, films that are showing in theatres or have recently been released to video, music that has just been released on cd or online, etc.

What is alternate reality art and entertainment? We know it when we see it. If you've got an idea for a review of something that doesn't clearly fit traditional speculative genres like science fiction, fantasy, horror, utopian fiction, etc., run the idea by us. One of the nice things about alternate reality is that it tends to jump genres.

Types of Review

We publish three types of review:


A capsule review is just a few paragraphs; about 300 to 500 words. One week out of each month we will publish two to six capsule reviews (sometimes all by one reviewer, but more often by several different reviewers). We're trying this out as a way to cover more ground, without working our editors into the ground. A capsule is a bare-bones review: the genre, a very basic sketch of where the story starts, the style (action, political drama, romantic, etc), and a few pro/con thoughts to help define what audience the book is aimed at.

A standard review ranges from 750 to 2000 words. (The middle of the range—about 1000 to 1500 words—is preferred.) A standard review should cover the same topics as a capsule (genre, opening of plot, style, audience) but in a bit more detail. Ideally, a standard review will also provide some reflection and analysis on topics such as the work's themes and their applicability to contemporary life, connections to other works in the genre or by the same author, etc.

A thematic review is one which ties in to the theme of a specific issue. These may be about the theme itself containing a variety of authors, or several works by the same author who may be tied in.

A reminder that for first time submitters, less is probably better.


Tangled Woods require exclusive electronic rights for two months. After that period, you are free to republish the review elsewhere. We hope (but do not require) that you'll allow us to post the review in our archives indefinitely after it's rotated off the front page. You have the right to remove your review from the archives at any time.

How To Submit

E-mail reviews to us at Type "REVIEWS SUB: your review title" in the subject line. At the top of the body of the email, list your name, the title of the work being reviewed, and the approximate word-count of the review. In the case of media reviews, please include any information that might be movies,producer or studio,in music, group and labe;, etc.

Reviews should be in plain text (ASCII) format in the body of your email message, not an attachment. (One way to do this: use your word processor's Save As Text command to save the story, then copy the resulting text and paste it into an email message. Please try to ensure that curly quotes are replaced with standard straight quotes, dashes with double-hyphens, and so on.) Use two line breaks (double spacing) to indicate paragraph breaks. Place an _underscore_ at the beginning and end of a word or phrase to indicate italics; use *asterisks* to indicate boldface. For any other special formatting, please include an explanatory note. Submissions which are not properly formatted may not be accepted. Reviews also should be free of spelling and grammar errors

We do not accept authors' reviews of their own works. However, we are happy to receive review copies, as described below.

Material other than reviews should be submitted to the appropriate editor.

Response Time

Usually one to two weeks. If we don't respond in a reasonable amount of time, try again; your email may have been lost.

Submitting Works For Review

If you wish to submit a review copy, send us a short description of the work. Please put "REQUEST FOR REVIEW" in the Subject line, followed by the title and author. If a work interests us, we'll send you the address to which submissions may be mailed. We periodically send out information on all review copies we receive to a mailing list that includes our staff and previous contributors, and assign reviews based on interest. This policy ensures that the person who receives a review copy is enthusiastic about the project. We can't guarantee that every review copy will get placed with a reviewer, but we do try.
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