Being Bardi (bardiphouka) wrote in tangledwoods,
Being Bardi

tentative staff bios

Kelly McCafferty (UK Editor,Co-Art Editor) actually two people. There is Kel... artist, writer and all around erotic person and Kelly who swears she is none of the above. Kelly is quite a nice person but totally wrong.

Dannie DeLisle (WebDiva,Co-Art Editor)..I am willing to bet that Dannie is the only editor for any fantasy ezine with a degree in Forensic Anthropology. Add to this her art talent,her webweaving skills and the fact that she is extremely attractive and you have a true bonus in spades for the staff.

Mattie Madden (US editor,Anime Editor)..also I doubt that many editors hold a master's in Marine Biology. All the while managing to hold on to a wonderful child-like view of the world that helps us all from time to time.

Melissa Rounds (Reviews Editor,Articles Editor)..If you have spent much time reading Charles deLint than you have a fairly accurate view of Melissa. Of course with a degree in Social Work she might prove useful if we go over the edge working on the ezine too.
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