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Being Bardi

Learning about the 3 Fs

Which is to say, Fans, Fetishes and Frenzy.

Friday is mostly a milling around day. I am early enough to get through the line in 10 minutes or so. Somehow someone forget to get us media passes (avoids mirror) so I cannot officially interview anyone. This does not stop one of the staff members from pointing me to Larry Niven, who seems almost as lost as I probably look. In case you have never met Larry, he is sort of a smallish Santa Claus.

There are people in costume,but not to the degree that has been the case at anime cons. And the halls are full of tables where fan clubs hawk their own interests,from gaming to Harry Potter to gaming to Lord of the Rings to Star (insert your last choice of preference..trek,gate,wars,etc).

You can,I find out early,always find the staff members. They are the ones who seen to be on the verge of a nervous breakdown, if they could slow down enough to have one. One of them seems to have lost the guest they were assigned to. John Levene, an actor from Dr Who, seems to have disappeared. If you do not recall the name do not feel bad. He was one of those actors who shows up often in very small roles. And these days make a part of their living doing conventions.

Speaking of which, Richard Hatch,for unknown reasons, has backed out of the con. Among sf cons Richard is a 'genuine'star..having had a lead role in the original Battlestar Galactica. Appearing in his place is Ann Lockhart, Penny from the original Lost in Space. Nice lady and much better looking than Richard.

I do make it to opening ceremonies, which consists of guests trying to outdo Mike Resnick in the bad joke department. Which will never happen.

I browse the art show,which has some grand art,alone with a few people who seem to hope the subject matter will make up for the lack of talent.

I finish up the night at one of the filksongs. Filking is music with lyrics based on Sf and fantasy. The problem is that they often take known melodies and do spin offs. But the musicians themselves are often quite good. added f..flesh.
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